HANK 3 Interview
By Kim Harvey
I had the pleasure of interviewing Hank 3 by telephone on June 16, 2014.  Hank 3 is the famous grandson of Hank Williams and the son of  Hank Williams, Jr. 
I have seen Hank 3 live and I am a fan of his many talents and his raucous show.  When Hank says his show starts at very sure you are there at 8:00, as he IS the show and there is no opening act.  :)  He comes out slinging country tunes for a full 90 minutes and then rolls full throttle into bluegrass, hellbilly and then doom........a multi-mix of music with many instrument changes.
Hank is no stranger to the guitar, but have you also seen him play the banjo, mandolin, fiddle, lap steel as well as drums, bass and keys?  H3 - "I was around very famous people....I wasn't like Jack Osbourne, but I was around Waylon and Dwight".  "I had a very normal childhood though because he (father, Hank Jr.) wasn't around, I was a mama's boy...didn't see my father a lot..."
I asked him when he knew he could sing.  H3 - "When I was 12 years old I sang with my friends.  My voice has gone through a lot of changes, I project 2-3 voices per night."  "I pay tribute to my roots every night in my shows".


Hank is currently on a U.S. tour.  He is playing venues that he could not get to in 2013.  He released two CDs at the end of 2013.  H3 - "When I break even on a record - that is when I begin a new one...:.".

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 PIGGY D. - Bass player and backup vocals for Rob Zombie
July 26, 2013
by Kim Harvey
The 2013 Rock Star Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Tour brought headliner, Rob Zombie, to Indianapolis, IN on July 26th.  Rob Zombie is a seven-time Grammy-nominated artist and has sold 15M albums; he is also a highly acclaimed film producer and "Lords of Salem" is his most recent feature. 
Rob's band consists of John 5 - guitarist, Piggy D. - bass and Ginger Fish - drums.  I was able to interview one of my favorite performers, Matthew Montgomery, aka Piggy D. before the show.
"So,  how did a nice guy named Matt from Houston, TX get involved with Rob Zombie?"
PD:  "Mutual friends, his bass player - Blaskoand I wrote together for awhile.  One day he called me and said I'm going to Ozzy's band, do you want to take over?  Rob is going to call you...  Rob called him and said, can you be here Tuesday?"  "It was terrifying for me, I was on a plane the next day, but very exciting and fun."  "I loved White Zombie, I have still have the albums, the it was familiar to me, I actually have some records that Rob doesn't even have."
"Where did the name Piggy D. come from?"
PD:  "I was in high school in my first touring band, and while I was sleeping in the van, my friend Todd drew on my chest the piglet - this was in 1993."  "The name stuck."  "And, everyone's name was was not unique, but Matthew is a good Bible name!"
"What makes 'Venomous Rat Regeneration' different?"
PD:  "The title."  "No, you know, it's experimental, he (Rob) took some calculated risks ."  "He said he wanted to make atypical songs with atypical structures.  Rob pushed himself with the arrangements, he pushed himself with the lyrics.  He focused on the parts.  I think it's a great record, I'm really proud of it."
"What's the very best thing about being a bandmember with Rob Zombie?"
PD:  "We are under the umbrella of someone who is a creative energy - so being able to get my ideas out, Rob allows us to express ourselves through our outfits, our music, we are very free."  "Pretty rare fuckin' thing...he allows us to be us..." 
"You guys have a big dynamic with each other, you can tell you get along with each other - it's very unique."
PD:  "Yeah, unique is a good's unlike other relationships; you have creative decisions, business decisons, costume decisions - it's a weird thing and it's going on seven years now, it works for us."
"You are ultimately a very creative individual; a songwriter, a musician, an artist, a producer yourself...tell me about all these things."
PD:  "You know I have multiple personality syndrome, I like to try new things to see if I can do them, like Alice Cooper - he allowed me to do new things.  I grew up studying Alice Cooper.  So, he allowed me to do album covers for him, clothes for him, we actually wrote a whole record together.  I released some songs with him.  Alice rewarded me.  I could think like he did, I was able to create through him."
"Things and life have been good to you and blessed you."
PD:  "Yeah, I have been very, very blessed."
"What does it mean to you to be the headliner of Mayhem Tour?"
PD:  "It's a good feeling. It has been a challenge though - fans have the records of some of these bands, and they may have seen the tour before - but with this tour, people are out in the heat for 10 hours, not all fans are RZ fans, so we have to play the show like they have never seen us before...and there are kids that don't know us with from current music, so we have to play like it's the first time."  "We have to work extra hard." 
And that they do, work hard.  Every RZ show is a theatrical production complete with full costumes, dynamic energy and staging & lighting that only this band can produce.  Each costume represents the creative side of each band member - the costumes are hot and heavy in 90-100 degree summer temperatures.  Rob, Piggy D., John 5 and Ginger are non-stop during their 90 minute performance, giving their fans another show that was better than the last.  You can see more at and  Thank you Matt!!

July 11, 2013
by Kim Harvey
Most people remember John Waite from his days in The Babys and maybe even Bad English.  But currently, John is not only writing  new music, but he is making his own records and licensing out the music to larger music companies.
In 1984, the song "Missing You" was #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and made it to the Top 10 list on the UK Singles Chart.  It even knocked Tina Turner's hit "What's Love Got to do With It" out of the number 1 spot.
Bad English was then formed in 1988 when he met up with former Baby's bandmembers Jonathon Cain & Ricky Phillips along with Neal Schon (Journey) and drummer Dean Castronovo.  "When I See You Smile" went to #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 and earned a gold-certified single.  The band dissolved in 1992. 
John's newest release is "Live All Access" featuring musicians Keri Kelli - guitarist (Alice Cooper), Rhondo - drummer and Tim Hogan - bassist.  "This is not a business venture, it's a show, I think it's great!", says John.  "We went to South Philly and recorded in a church that holds 300 people.  It was a very blue collar area and we played live to this crowd and recorded."  "I bought six kegs of beer and opened the doors!"
You can purchase the new music at




May 16, 2013

by Kim Harvey
John Rzeznik and Robby Takac formed the Goo Goo Dolls in 1985.  The band, who are from Buffalo, NY, have had 14 top ten singles and have sold 10M+ albums internationally.
MAGNETIC, which was released on June 11th of this year, is their 10th album.  "This album had more producers and more of a varied sound.", according to Robby.  It is being sold online, in stores and is also available on vinyl. 
Their highly recognized hit, "IRIS" (1998), was ranked #1 on Billboard's "Top 100 Pop Songs 1992-2012" and it also spent 12 straight months on Billboard charts.  The song shot them into super stardom and for 18 weeks straight was sitting at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay charts. 
The band performed here in Indianapolis in 2008 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during qualifying for the Allstar 400 at The Brickyard NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.  They are currently signed with Warner Brothers Records.
The Goo Goo Dolls are noted for being great philanthropists and charity-driven.  Their interests include Music is Art Foundation, VH1's Save the Music Foundation, Rail to Trails and USA Harvest.
They are currently on tour with Matchbox Twenty and will be in Indianapolis, IN on July 7th.  Robby says, "90% of our touring is in North America, however we played the UK three times in two years after Iris hit the top 10."   You can see more at
April 8, 2013
by Kim Harvey
I had the honor of interviewing the infamous Ian Anderson by phone from England.  Ian is the singer, songwriter, lead vocalist and flautist that fronted Jethro Tull for over 40 years.  Ian is currently on a 12 date U.S. tour and will appear in the Murat Theatre on July 21st.
For the first time since 1972, Ian will be performing "Thick as a Brick" in its entirety.  Anderson, who is noted for integrating the use of a flute into his rock music, is also a multi-instrumentalist.  He plays the bouzouki, balalaika, sax and harmonica.
Ian became involved in music in 1963 when he formed The Blades and made his first performance in 1968 at the Marquee Club in London.  Anderson is known for his songs Aqualung, Thick as a Brick, Bungle in the Jungle, Living in the Past and Locomotive Breath.



Interview with Lawrence Gowan 


June 23, 2011

by Kim Harvey

STYX  have been putting out hits since 1975. Band members Tommy Shaw, James Young, Chuck Panozzo, Todd Sucherman, Ricky Phillips and Lawrence Gowan are currently on  tour with YES. 

I spoke with Lawrence by phone on June 23rd.  We talked about the past and the future.  In 1999, Lawrence replaced founder, Dennis DeYoung, while Tommy and James anchored the band.  I asked him what made his personal style different in order to keep up with the ever changing stage shows of so many bands.  “I am unique because of my spinning keyboard…it is how I compete with guitarists.” 
He met Tommy Shaw in 1997 in Montreal when he opened for Styx . Styx rose to #6 on the charts with their hit “Lady” in 1975, with hits “Come Sail Away” and “Babe” following soon after.  In 1977 “The Grand Illusion” was released and reached Triple Platinum Certification. 
The 2011 tour with YES will hit 40 cities beginning in July.  I asked how it felt to be playing with YES.  “Their audience is very musically demanding, very challenging.”   “We are grateful to be on tour with them.”  They recently played dates in Europe with Journey and Ozzy. 
I asked what his most defining moment was as a member of the  band, “Playing at the Super Bowl, looking down at 75,000 people…it was surreal, like a dream.”  “I felt like I was on top of the world when I jumped down 10’ off the keyboard!” 
STYX & YES will perform at Verizon Wireless Music Center on  Tuesday night July 19th.  “Regeneration II” is a new release and the new DVD is being completed.  Thank you to Lawrence and Amanda Cagan.


JOHN 5 @ ROTR, 5/23/2010


May 23, 2011

by Kim Harvey
I interviewed legendary John5 at Rock on the Range on Sunday, May 23rd. The minute he entered the media tent (escorted by one of the road managers) he was immediately surrounded by people. He attracted everyone’s attention.  It was very hot and he only had a few hours before taking the 8:30p.m. time slot on the main stage.  
I had interviewed John by phone several years ago. Today it was in person. Face to face interviews tell the whole story.  This was an interview that I had wanted for years.  John is kind, gracious and really enjoyable to be around.


When I sat down we talked and took a minute to meet each other. I only had a few questions for him and I knew what I wanted to ask. 
                  – “Out of Marilyn Manson, David Lee Roth and Rob Zombie, which
                  band has allowed you to be the artist that you knew you always
                  wanted to be?” J5 – “I play for the artist that I’m with….but
                  definitely Rob…I have the most fun with Rob.”

                  – “What did you get out of the Mechanical Animals tour (if
                  anything)?”  J5 – “Total debauchery!” “I don’t drink and I
                  don’t smoke. It was like New Years Eve every night!”

                  – “What bonds you with Rob musically and personally?” J5 –
                  “Rob and I love a lot of the same music and the same movies.
                  We have the same work ethic. We’re the same people – we don’t

                  – “How did you get so hooked up at only age 17 and
                  in L.A.?” J5 – “I did session work for half the price that
                  everyone else was doing… It opened up all my doors very
                  – “What is your favorite guitar that you have?” J5 – “A
                  Fender broadcaster. The body is a 1950, I have one out of only
                  – “Lastly, how does it feel to be a legend to
                  both males and females?” J5 – “I never really dreamt of this.
                  I just wanted to support myself. I feel very lucky and very
John has also worked with Meat Loaf, Avril Lavigne and Garbage. You can see John in Indianapolis, IN on July 31st at Mayhem Fest at Verizon Wireless Music Center. His latest solo release is "The Art of Malice", 2010.
Thank you very much John!


MUSHROOMHEAD 5/23/2010 @ Rock on the Range, Columbus, OH


I had only a minute to meet with Stitch, keyboardist and samples for the band Mushroomhead. The band was formed in Cleveland, OH and the members are still based there.

Stitch has been in the band for 10 years.  I asked him to describe their music - Stitch: “It is different styles and genres of music, expressing a visual side of having audio.” “There is no sense of just having street clothes on.” 

I asked how he felt about Rob (Zombie) – Stitch: “Rob’s the man!”.  The band will be releasing their 8th CD in August, currently to be titled Slaughterhouse Road. Thank you Stitch.

Photo by Kim Harvey @ Piere's Ft. Wayne 2008