Jack Russell's Great White
Frontier Records

Jack Russell - vocals
Robby Lochner - lead guitar, vocals
Dan McNay - bass, vocals
Tony Cardenas - guitar, keys, vocals
Dicki Fliszar - drums, vocals


Sign of the Times

She Moves Me


Love Don't Live Here

My Addiction

Anything for You

He Saw it Comin'

Don't Let Me Go

Spy vs. Spy

Blame it on the Night

I met Jack and the band for the first time in May of 2013.  I brought them to Indianapolis to play at Hard Rock Cafe for pre-carb day.  Although this was my first time to meet them, I saw them play in April 2012.  I was overwhelmed by the talent of Robby Lochner and by Jack's vocals.  The songs sounded just like they did when they were first released.  I had always been a fan - but, now I was sold!

Since then, I brought them back to Indy,  I have traveled to their shows and have them booked again for an Indiana summer festival.  They are like family to me, I am very blessed to know them as good friends.

They have an incredible solid fan base, almost a cult following of dedicated and loyal friends.  Each band member is genuinely engaged with pleasing the fans and the fans appreciate their interaction with them.  They are all approachable, friendly and caring.

They have worked hard for over a year to produce new music.  January 27th is a new milestone for them, with the release of "He Saw it Comin'".  Jack and Robby, as children, stare into a crystal ball looking at themselves when they grow up.  Jack knew he was going to be a rock star...and, that he is.

KH:  Today is your new release day Jack - how does that make you feel?
JR:  I feel awesome!  This has been a long time coming.  I'm really happy, elated!

KH: Jack, although you are a very tough strong person, what was the one thing that made you push through and start all over again in 2011?
JR:  My wife.  If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be here.  I was down to 137lbs, I couldn't walk, I couldn't feed myself.  I went to physical therapy, it was painful.  She said, you have to keep going.  It was a challenge.

KH: Robby (Lochner) has been with you since the inception of this new line-up, how did you find him?
JR:  My bass player (Dario) and my drummer (Derrick) were friends with him. They brought him to my house.  He was an incredible guitar player, I'd never seen anyone like him.  I knew he was the guy for me.

KH: What clicked with Robby for you?
JR:  We are exact opposites.  I'm a Sagittarian and he's an Aries.  He's quiet and I talk all the time (laughs), I never shut my mouth.  We bring out the best in each other.

KH: What was your first show like in 2011, how did you feel?
JR:  I was scared to death.  I had no idea how it would go...it was unfamiliar to me...  I was still in pain.  It took me a few shows and it took some time for my voice to come back.  I didn't use my voice for 1.5 years.

KH:  How good did that feel to you?
JR:  Amazing!  Felt so good!  It was a rush!

KH: Then you made some more internal changes....what specifically were you looking for in completing a brand new band? What was important to you?
JR:  I don't really know, most of it was personality-based.  I had a guitar player at the time that was a hypocrite.  And he tried to be competitive with Robby, so I fired him!

KH: What did you want to do differently this time around, musically and personally? 
JR:  Musically - what I DID'T want to do.  I never pre-conceive a song, I never know where a song's going to go.  You can go any where you want.  Robby and I gel, like nobody I've ever played with.  Nobody has ever struck me like Robby did.

KH: Robby wanted to write lyrics with you early on....but, it took some time to convince you and make you feel comfortable.  What finally happened - because the two of you are truly a force that is now unstoppable for greatness!
JR:  I am a singer, I'm going to write my own lyrics.  You're a guitar player - play your guitar.  I'd be at his house and he'd say, listen to this...   I thought, maybe somebody else CAN write a lyric or two.   It's a true collaboration, it's a beautiful thing.  Robby wrote some of the lyrics for Sign of the Times, He Saw it Comin', Crazy we wrote together.

KH:  How did Heather change your life for the better?
JR:  She's the reason I get out of bed every day....never had a love like this before.  I'm honored and proud to be with her.

KH:  How has this new band changed your life for the better?
JR:  They've changed my life in every way, they helped bring my life back.  I'm only half a person without my music.

KH: What is the number 1 driving force behind the new music? The lyrics, the band members, a feeling of freedom from the past?
JR:  The freedom from the past and moving forward.  I Saw It Comin' begins where I just came back.  In the lyrics, on stage begins where I am right now, where Robby is right now.  Robby and I as children, looking at ourselves when we grow up.  I knew I was going to be a rock star.  It was incredible when I saw my band name on a record label for the first time.

KH:  You have a powerhouse of talent surrounding you with Robby, Dan, Tony and Dicki...not to mention how humble, genuine and professional they are....how does that make you feel?
JR:  It makes me feel safe.  They have my back, I have their back.  These guys love me, I love them.  There is no animosity.  No weak link.  When I finally got Dan, I knew it was time to write music.  I knew this was right.

You can see Jack Russell's Great White here in Indiana on August 19, 2017 @ Goodstock Festival!  Check back for more details.